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We believe that education is most powerful tool to make a change in a country. how about you?

Our projects develop new skills required by the everchanging working life, educating for sustainable lifestyle and responsible citizenship as well as to tackle issues that were never solved.

Our focus lies on the children and the adolescents who, in our opinion, have the potential to transform the society. Besides, we empower educators and families who, through their important position, expand the results of our mission to educate for life.


Primarily, we work in public schools in the areas of low income, such as in the less-appreciated neighbourhoods in Curitiba, Balsa nova, Bocaiúva do Sul, Araucária, São Mateus do Sul, Tunas do Paraná, Adrianópolis, Rio Branco do Sul, Itaperuçu, Cerro Azul e Doutor Ulysses. In these 11 neighbourhoods, we already help more than 80 institutions.


We want to give opportunities of development for increasingly larger number of people. Today, we have 35 schools queuing for our projects.

Get to know our educational projects and come a part of the change!

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Crê-SER: Developing people and professionals

We empower adolescents as individuals, professionals and committed citizens to act as ethical, socio-ecological change-makers.

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School information sessions

Preventive, efficient sessions about drugs, teenage pregnancy, open-mindedness, new challenges in working life and career choices.

Family and School

Training for families to expand their capabilities to guide the integral development of their children preparing them for life.


Transforming Education: Developing educators

With the support of the Finnish Embassy, we chose educators with high social impact for a Post in Transformation Education, which is then paid by him with a project for children and adolescents.

Young Apprentice Programme

With 12 years of experience in adolescent training, our programme has developed with selected youngsters who have already participated in Crê-SER: Developing People and Professionals for one year.

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