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Our project Crê-SER endeavour to empower adolescents as individuals, professionals and committed citizens to act as ethical, socio-ecological change-makers.

We work in public schools with 14-17-years-old adolescents in the low-income neighbourhoods.  Working with them require facilitative skills and the use of creative, attractive, variative learning strategies.  In that way, we cover the themes through experiences in outdoors as well as through theatre, simulations, artistic activities, guest lectures and other active methods always corresponding group dynamics.  

We provide a diverse selection of activities outside of classroom taking the youngsters to universities, high tech companies and cultural centres to experience different parts of the society.

To develop socioemotional skills, we engage with themes like the concept of self, mental models, quality of life, identity and diversity, the process of transforming dreams to goals, life projects, sexuality and attractiveness as well as the construction of social relationshipss.


We bring reflections about the changes in working life in which increasingly more significant and frequent tendencies and innovations obligate us to consider the work differently. We engage with themes like, employability, selective processes, CV building, job interview simulations, vocational guidance and training on informatics for working life. To experience the challenges of today´s professionals, our adolescents establish and lead their own simulation company.   


We include the analyses of the current socio-environmental crisis to our activities. These activities are inspired and guided by UNESCO´s sustainable development goals.

Gente de Bem is  not politically affiliated, having nonpartisan institutional position. We invite an adolescent to reflect the role of a citizen with its rights and responsibilities. We explain the electoral processes, channels of inspection and we take a guided tour in legislative assembly. As a final project, the adolescents identify a socio-environmental issue for which they come up with and carry out courses of action.

This programme and its methodology have been already applied in 90 groups since 2006.  According to the thousands of participant evaluations, the average grade for the programme is 9 including all the methodology and objectives of the project.

Take a look of some testimonials:

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Alessandro Rocha


Project Manager in SEBRAE

It is important to emphasise the involvement, professionalism and respect to the adolescents and to focus on the results that Gente de Bem´s team has demonstrated.  Such qualities demonstrate the fulfilment of the goals established, and the average 9 of the evaluations is a correspondent return for SEBRAE´s investment to these adolescents.

Diretora Telma Pelegrini Staniszewski


São Mateus School

We believe that the continuity of this project is extremely important due to its excellency and guaranteed opportunities for many other youngsters who could participate in the only training of their lives. (…) We are very happy to sign this partnership and we appreciate the unique way in which our alumni get to develop. 



Project  Crê-SER in Curitiba student

These are job-related teachings that reflect on my personal life. It was with great commitment and always wanting to challenge us that the Organization reinforced in me the persistence, trust, responsibility and willpower. Currently, as a reflection of this course, I had the possibility of working in a large automobile company.

Manager of Petrobras


Coordinated development and citizenship with Petrobras

The project has been developing and exceed the initial expectations. It overcame problems which had caused  school strikes and schedule delays but  found solutions being an example for educational institutions and for the participants. The counterparts were carried out correctly. The actions were documented (the attendance lists, photos, videos, research reports were reported satisfyingly).

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