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We believe that education is most powerful tool to make a change in a country. how about you?

“The quality of teachers is the key to improve students learning results. Improvement in this area can have outstanding results in a short time period".


The education systems with the best performance reach the top

This project has a significant impact thanks to the support of the Finnish Embassy. Finland has one of the most admired education systems in the world which inspires our project. These are our project four mainstays:

There are different educators with shine in their eyes who dedicate their lives to promote children and adolescent´s integral development in all the schools and NGOs. These people have a great impact on their communities. Get to know our selected educators:  



Cristiane Faria Honorio is psychologist and social coordinator of Passos da Criança, a NGO which has worked 14 years with 5-13 years-old children and adolescents´ integral development in  Vila das Torres community in Curitiba. Cristiane´s competitive and caring work impact 365 people in a year.  

When we support her, we equally support the children and adolescents in one of the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in Curitiba.



Simone Bueno is leader of the municipal children education centre, located in one of the most vulnerable neighbourhoods, Novo Mundo, in Curitiba.  As a manager of this centre, Simone encounter challenges from lack of resources and family participation to extreme violence daily.  

To support committed and resilient professionals, like Simone, means to support her team and the hundreds of children living in the community.



Malane Furquim is a pedagogic coordinator and integral education articulator in Municipal school Prof. Dario Persiano De Castro Vellozo in industrial neighbourhood which has the highest violence rates in Curitiba. Malane, with support of the scholarship, created and executed a project which involved hundreds of children and families. Articulating the actors involved in health, sport, culture and education activities, she mobilised the schools during the weekends.

To invest in Melane means to invest in a learning community.

Get to know our project and results better with these videos:

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