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We believe that education is most powerful tool to make a change in a country. how about you?

Association Gente de Bem is an non-governmental, non-profit organisation without connections to political parties or religious institutions. We are qualified by Ministry of Justice and  Civil Society Organization for Public Interest (OSCIP).

All our resources are counted and aimed to project maintenance of the institution. Since the establishment of the institution in 2006, we have regularly showed our financial statements to our sponsors as well as to different controlling public institutions which are: Ministry of Justice, Court of Auditors of Paraná, Social Action Secretary of Curitiba City Hall, Council for Child and Adolescent Rights of Curitiba, Municipal Finance institution of Curitiba, among others. Since the beginning of Gente de Bem, our financial statements were always accepted by all the required institutions.

We do not accept resources or sponsorships offered by inappropriate companies whose action harm the society, i.e., tobacco or alcohol industries. Our institution, alike our managers and collaborates, have never received financial resources from politicians or have political connections with political parties.

Take a look some documents which show earnestness of our institution:

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