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We believe that education is most powerful tool to make a change in a country. how about you?

Gente de Bem was established in 2006 based on the believe that education can change a life of an individual, a community and, even, change a direction of a country.

We see the change in children, adolescents and educators who participate in our programmes. Besides, we see it in the experiences of multiple countries, such as in Finland, who has one of the most admired education systems in the world. Those experiences inspire us every day.

We live in the era of great changes affected by globalisation, economic crises, technologic revolution, new demands in professional skills and socio-ecological crisis. Information comes in excessive quantities and changes have become increasingly fast and profound.  The leading ideas created by previous generations do not correspond with the world we live in anymore.

Thus, there is a necessity to transform not only the intellectual factor of education which is the action prioritised by the majority of the educational institutions but also to make it mandatory to educate for new challenges in working life, for sustainable lifestyle and responsible citizenship, and above all to tackle the issues that were never solved.

We believe that this new world, needs the development of “integral human” with all its potentials. 

This new education needs to take place in schools but not limit itself to that environment. There are multiple learning opportunities that must be grasped by families, extracurricular activities, social welfare centres, the NGOs, the enterprises, the internet and as a habit for everyday life. 


Beyond the words, our mission, vision and values give the direction for all our work.  


We seek to develop a culture of sustainability through the Transforming Education.


We aim to be national example of the educational projects which contribute to the development of a sustainable society.


We are linked emotionally, with fondness and compassion to our mission. We require respect, empathy, tolerance, knowledge and self-conciousness.


We aim for integration and coordination within a cluster of knowledge, skills and attitudes create a different performance to work for our mission.



The consistency between the message that we spread and the way we live is essential for us. Consistency in our attitudes, discourse, ideas and emotions.


We see the world as an interconnected entity which requires the interdisciplinary approach for knowledge construction. 


We believe in long-lasting and resistant quality in our work. We build on consistency and trust.

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