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Latu Sensu. 100% in-class learning.

In the city centre of Curitiba.



*30 scholarships, complete and partial, will be nominated for educators who work with children and adolescents.  Other 10 open vacancies for paying students.


Gente de Bem

Acosiation, Gente de Bem, is a social organisation which works with transforming education with families, educators and families. The organisation was established in 2006 and our work benefits already up to 20.000 people in 11 municipalities.  

We believe in educators with shine in their eyes. Therefore, we invest our resources and energy to develop these professionals.

More than 140 study scholarships were given to four previous groups. Our methodology was approved by the participants whose feedback average reached over nine out of ten.

The education system
from Finland

Finland has one of the most admired educational systems in the world. It has stood out several times as first in international assessments such as the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) and in the United Nations Global Education Index.


Teaching preparation is considered one of the secrets of success of this system. It focuses on the art of educating, including much practice and monitoring by more experienced professionals, making the educator safe and prepared for his or her craft, even when newly graduated.

The course objectives

  • Development of professional skills which are directly applicable for educator´s professional life every day. 

  • Development of leadership skills and avoidance of indiscipline.

  • Techniques and practices to improve educator´s quality of life.  

  • Concepts from psychology to understand and act more efficiently in different the relationships.  

  • PSelected participants with different backgrounds and experiences, who look for new way to educate. 

  • Expansion of self-knowledge about personal strengths and weaknesses, and their impact on personal and professional life.   

  • Innovative learning strategies because learning does not need to be a burden.


  • Transdisciplinary, transforming education

  • Family-education relationships

  • Learning communities: time-space eduaction

  • Work with children and adolescents in the vulnerable social situation.

  • Socio-emotional education

  • Self-education of educators

  • The art in education and for educator.

  • Conflict management

  • Fundamentals of group dimanics

  • Methdology for active learning

  • Design of learning processes

  • Pedagogic techniques

  • Inclusive and special education

  • Project design with children and adolescents

  • Education in the 4th industrial revolution

Target audience

Teachers, coordinators and directors of private and public schools. Educators, psychologists, social workers and professionals who work with children and adolescents in NGOs and public and private institutions.

Work load

The course will include 360 h of in-class learning. The classes will take place on Fridays from 18.50 to 21.50 and on Saturdays from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 17.30 fortnightly.


Our rewarded faculty members have master or doctor degree and profound practical experience on the theme they teach. Check their CV here!


The course meet all the legal requirements of MEC and confirm National Education Council´s resolution 01/2018. The certification of specialisation will be given to participants who meet the presence and grade requirements.

Watch the video and get to know our post-graduation better

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